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Do you know what the first impression your business makes on many possible customers? It’s your storefront or building facade.

custom storefront building signIf you want to make that impression a resounding success, then let Minneapolis sign company King Signs, Graphics & Imaging help you out. You can stand out from the other stores or businesses surrounding you with eye-catching building signs that generate attention and sales. We can handle the design, manufacturing, and installation of the sign that brings more people into your store during a promotion or just increases your brand awareness to those walking or driving by.

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The Right Sign For Your Building

custom dimensional storefront signDifferent stores and businesses each have their own needs in terms of building signage. Your target audience and brand personality are obvious factors to consider in your decision making, which also needs to be mindful of your competition, location, and available budget.

Your business can get an on-site evaluation conducted by one of our building sign experts. They will come out and measure your available spaces while assessing your building for the best recommendations in terms of specific signs, processes, or products. After your consultation, we can take care of designing your signs, creating them, installing them, upkeep like maintenance or repairs, and even helping you out with government permitting when necessary.

Types of Building Signs

Building Signs wall sign 1 300x169Our consultants know plenty of kinds of signs they can recommend, but a few of them prove common suggestions and for good reason. One thing we look out for is signage around you. Sometimes it makes sense to put something up for you that complements the local flavor, but in other cases, contrasting might help you get more attention. In either case, the signage we provide you will work out great for your business location.

We customize every sign we do as we craft them. What this means is that even if you choose to match your surrounding businesses in terms of signage type, like channel letter signage, you’ll still have a unique look to your own, given the custom-crafted nature.

Channel Letters And Dimensional Letters

Building Signs channel letter building storefront outdoor 300x205Dimensional letters and channel letters are among our most popular products. These are versatile options with a range of fonts, styles, and colors available. You don’t even have to restrict your imagination to letters and numbers though, since we can make logos and shapes with them too. Many kinds of businesses choose these. The durability and flexibility of the possible customization have made them useful for everyone from brick and mortar retailers to warehouse environments. Dimensional letters usually get cut out of a single sheet of either acrylic or metal and then backlit for attention, whereas channel letters can have lighting housed inside them to shine through their transparent facing.

Lighted Signs

Building Signs lighted sign 300x174Lighted building signage means your business is as easy to spot at night as it is during the day. Lighting or backlighting can be used in quite a few types of signage. Cabinet signs rarely work without internal illumination, and backlighting is common practice for channel letter signs. If you have a place that’s open after it gets dark, be it a store, theater, or food and beverage establishment, then lighted signage can really help you boost your visibility in an effective manner.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs And Blade Signs

custom hanging blade sign building signThese signs go by many different names, but they all do the same thing, and that’s stick out from the facade of your building at a perpendicular angle instead of lying parallel or flat on it. Backlit cabinet signs are good choices a lot of the time, but custom work is possible in materials ranging from high-density urethane foam to traditional choices like wood or metal. If you have a lot of foot traffic you’d like to stop and notice you, then pair these up with the rest of your storefront signage. You can also use these as directional signs if your business is inside a building but doesn’t have a storefront, like if you have a property management office on the second floor of a strip mall atop a sushi place.

Canopy And Awning Signs

custom storefront awningAwning signs can do two things at once, as they show people where your business is while also protecting the front of the store.

Stretched canvas is the traditional choice, but metal and fabric are possibilities as well, based on your needs. We usually recommend specific awning products that we know to be weather-resistant, so that your investment lasts the longest-possible time.

If you’d like to have a canopy in front of a hotel or just are aiming for a boutique feel, then awnings are great ways to go.

Free Building Sign Consultation

King Signs, Graphics, & Imaging Logo Full ColorKing Signs, Graphics & Imaging is hoping to be your choice for building signs. We understand just how essential it is to generate foot traffic and grab visual attention with the best building signs. That’s why we’re ready to design, make, and install the right Minneapolis building signs and graphics for you.

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