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Minneapolis Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering

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If you are thinking about a new business sign for your Minneapolis building, channel and dimensional letters are popular sign options suitable for all types of businesses and industries.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignChannel letters are extremely versatile and can be fully customized to meet your brand guidelines and unique signage requirements. King Signs, Graphics & Imaging is your local provider of professional business signs, with fast service and quality fabrication within your budget.

Channel letters are commonly made from plastic or metal for interior or exterior signage on commercial and public buildings and are often internally illuminated. Unlit 3-dimensional letters are applied to monuments or sign panels.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letter signs are perfect for storefronts as they can be customized to create an image in virtually any color, font, or size. A three-dimensional graphic-element channel letter sign has an individual structure for each character with separate illumination that makes up a sign when combined with other characters. These individually cut metal letters, numbers, or symbols are perfectly aligned and can be secured to a backing frame, or flush-mounted to the façade of your building. The tops of the channels are covered with transparent or colored acrylic for a customized look.

Raceway mounts are preferred by landlords and property management companies as it reduces the number of wall penetrations required for installation. A raceway mount is a metal box that contains the power supply and electrical wiring for the individual letters and is usually painted to match the building’s facade color or sign band.

Channel letter signs are most popular for office buildings, retail stores, shopping malls, and other organizations to display a name, logo, or slogan.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignDimensional letter signs also consist of individual elements but are cut from solid sheets of metal, acrylic, or other materials. Various thicknesses control the dimensional look of the sign from almost flat to several inches deep. At King Signs, Graphics & Imaging we use only the best quality acrylic that is colorfast to ensure that the vibrancy of the primary colors in your dimensional letters will not fade prematurely.

They are ideal signs for restaurants, lobby signs, indoor signs, offices, shopping malls, and retail stores.

King Signs, Graphics & Imaging creates attractive dimensional letter signs that match your brand and promote your brand in a high-quality, durable way.

Backlit and Illuminated Signs

Minneapolis Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering Voxel 300x169Backlit and illuminated channel letter signs can really make your brand or message stand out. Lighting allows your signage to be highly visible during the day, but especially at night or in poor weather conditions. Most internally-lit channel letter signs make use of LED illumination for energy cost savings.

If your Minneapolis, MN business operates at night, backlit or illuminated channel letter signs will clearly display your business logo and name and attract many customers as it can be seen from a distance. King Signs, Graphics & Imaging will handle all aspects of your channel letter signage requirements from creation to safe installation of all electrical elements.

Lighted channel letter signs are ideal for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, gas stations, convenience stores, or any business enterprise that wants to be clearly visible during the day and night.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Our highly qualified Minneapolis signage technicians have years of experience to provide you with expert guidance and advice and will assist you every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect sign for your business. We look forward to becoming your long-time local signage partner that will always be there to ensure that your signs have high visible impact and professional look your business deserves.

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