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Channel Letters

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If you want to upgrade your business facade with an interesting and good-looking sign, you will love using channel letters for your storefront sign. They are attractive design elements, popularly attached to different sign types such as storefront and monument signs. For appealing and high-quality channel letters, all you need is King Signs, Graphics & Imaging.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Channel letters are a versatile sign type typically made of plastic or metal. They can be used for both interior and exterior locations, frequently on commercial or public buildings. They are popular for being illuminated with LED light technology.

With a lot of channel and dimensional letter options to choose from, you need a good signage company to help you recommend, craft, and install the best signage products available in the market; King Signs, Graphics & Imaging is the leading Minneapolis channel letters provider. Reach out to us and consult with one of our signage experts!

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Storefront Channel Letters

The versatility of channel letters in terms of design allows them to fit any type of business and brand. Each letter, number, or symbol is a three-dimensional cutout made from metal that can be installed with its lighting unit.

Custom Channel Letter Sign

These symbols are lined up perfectly and attached to a backing frame or flush-mounted to the building’s facade. Finally, transparent or colored acrylic is placed on the top of the channel letters.

When it comes to holding channel letters, raceway mounts are the usually popular choice for landlords and property management companies who obtain channel letters for their business offices.

Raceway mounts are rectangular, hollow boxes that hold both the channel letters and electronic lighting systems. King Signs, Graphics & Imaging can provide the best mounts for your channel letters. Channel letters are great and effective for displaying names, logos, or slogans of office buildings, retail stores, shopping malls, and similar establishments.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignKing Signs, Graphics & Imaging also creates high-quality, attractive, and durable dimensional signs to amplify your business advertising.

Similar to channel letters, dimensional letter signs are also three-dimensional cutout symbols, letters, and numbers, but their main material is made from solid sheets of metal, acrylic, etc.

King Signs, Graphics & Imaging, a Minneapolis, MN channel letter and dimensional signage manufacturer, offers many variations of dimensional and channel letters. We have numerous thickness levels, from almost flat to several inches in depth, and great colors to choose from. We only use the best acrylic materials to ensure that the colors are at their best quality, even in extended periods.

Dimensional letters are amazing for restaurants, lobby signs, indoor signs, offices, shopping malls, and retail stores.

Backlit and Illuminated Signs

storefront sign with channel lettersThe strongest visual upgrade you can give your dimensional and channel letter signs is backlight and illumination. Electronic lights can guarantee the presence of your business even in low visibility situations, namely nighttime and bad weather. Getting illuminated signs allows your business to last through the night.

King Signs, Graphics & Imaging offers state-of-the-art illuminated letters made with eco-friendly LED lights for all business types, especially those that operate during the night and until midnight. These electronic upgrades will expand the reach of your business presence and attract many potential customers around the vicinity. We can help you create and install the best illuminated signs in Minneapolis.

Illuminated channel letters and dimensional letters are great for businesses like bars, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, gas stations, convenience stores, or any establishment that runs through the night.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

King Signs, Graphics, & Imaging Logo Full ColorIf you are interested in our services or have any questions about our processes, our team of signage experts in King Signs, Graphics & Imaging will assist you.

With years of experience in the signage industry, we can recommend the best solutions for your signage needs. Our goal is to be your long-time, loyal Minneapolis one-stop-shop for all your high-quality, durable, and attractive signage products.

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