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Minneapolis School Signs

Signs are vital not just in business establishments but also in schools. They execute essential functions, including improving communication in the campus, encouraging involvement among students, and promoting everyone’s safety.

Dimensional Letters for School Entry

Aside from these tasks, well-designed signs can do wonders for your school’s branding. Coherent looking signs can help establish a school’s presence and image in its community. With all the important benefits that signs can give to educational institutions, the quality of these signage products mustn’t be compromised.

For signage made from the highest quality of industry products and services, King Signs, Graphics & Imaging is all you need. We are a leading signage company serving Minneapolis and satisfying customers for many years now. As a top-notch signage company, we can deliver the full set of services needed in bringing signs to all types of businesses and institutions.

We handle manufacturing, design, installation, repairs, maintenance, customer support, and even consultation services. Signs for your school or university are a specialty for our signage experts. From flags, banners, wayfinders, and outdoor signs to indoor signs and changeable reader board signs, we can provide them for you. We are dedicated to ensuring that these school signs are strongly built, well-designed, and strategically placed in your campus grounds.

You can trust King Signs, Graphics & Imaging to produce and install your signs for you. We have already successfully served numerous educational institutions, helping them develop their brand that effectively communicates their image in their localities. We deliver our services quickly, flawlessly, and friendly on the budget. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Indoor School Signs

custom indoor wall mural

Indoor signs come in many variations of designs, types, materials, look, costs, sizes, and production methods. There is a perfect indoor sign type for each need that you may have. In King Signs, Graphics & Imaging, we understand that the signage products that our customers avail are highly dependent on many factors, such as budget, goal, brand, purpose, and needs. With that in mind, we put a prime on taking the time to know the specifications of your project. We want you to have an indoor sign that fits your school best.

King Signs, Graphics & Imaging offers a wide range of indoor sign types, from digitally printed banners and portable vinyl standees to aluminum lobby signs, illuminated information boards, and even LCDs. Each one of these offers a specific type of function for educational institutions. For example, vinyl banners are great as temporary tools for marketing and information dissemination during one-time school events or congratulatory announcements. On the other hand, if you need signs that are more permanent and can last for many years for the school, we have great options for aluminum, wood, steel, LCD, and LED signs.

With a signage company that you can trust, you can be guaranteed that your school signs will be produced and installed with great quality and professionalism. They will effectively beautify your school and, at the same time, disseminate vital information to everyone. You don’t need to go far, because King Signs, Graphics & Imaging is your best signage company in Minneapolis.

Outdoor Signs

Custom Monument Sign for School

Outdoor signs are always great for upgrading an establishment’s visibility, presence, and image in front of the larger community. However, there are cases when installing them in certain locations require specific standards to ensure effectiveness and safety. These standards or guidelines include sign size, color, substrate, text, shape, and placement. They may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, because King Signs, Graphics & Imaging is an expert in ensuring that your outdoor signs follow property regulations.

Our whole process does not just involve producing and installing first-rate signs. We also put time and effort into ensuring our technology and decisions comply with these set guidelines for outdoor signs. For example, reflective or illuminated signs must have a specific technology design. King Signs, Graphics & Imaging definitely can produce that for you.

Moreover, to ensure the quality of our exterior signs and other products, King Signs, Graphics & Imaging partners only with the best and most trusted manufacturers of sign materials and substrates. For outdoor signs of any type, including monument signs, pole signs, fascia signs, marquee signs, or changeable letter signs, King Signs, Graphics & Imaging can deliver them for you fast and flawlessly.

Wayfinding Sign Systems

custom wayfinding map

Signs that direct and navigate people around spaces are vital in learning institutions. Schools are full of students that need guidance, rooms that have different functions, and rules that must be communicated properly to the greater public. The best way to fulfill these needs is by availing of King Signs, Graphics & Imaging’s high-quality and attractive wayfinding signs.

Wayfinding signs in schools can help students, faculty, staff, and visitors navigate the institution. These signs label and identify the various rooms, facilities, and areas on the campus so the school’s population can find their way around the school. Wayfinding signs serve many purposes, including directing people, identifying places, sending information, and regulating human activity. King Signs, Graphics & Imaging can help you choose the best types of wayfinding signs depending on your needs and objectives for your campus in Minneapolis, MN.

Our wayfinding signs are great in helping instill order in your school. For people who are rushing to get to places inside your institution, wayfinding signs can point them quickly to where they need to go. On the other hand, if you want to prevent people from doing certain things in specific areas, such as parking, smoking, or speeding, then King Signs, Graphics & Imaging’s wayfinders can also help you with that.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom school wall mural

In King Signs, Graphics & Imaging, the signage products we create are not just generic signs with store-bought quality. We handle all the parts of the signage production and installation process to ensure that each aspect of the process and each detail of our sign products are of the highest quality the industry can offer. We are equipped with the knowledge, tools, experience, and resources to do manufacturing, design, installation, repairs, maintenance, and even customer support and consultation services. We are dedicated to bringing only the best functional signs for your school.

We can maintain the quality of our work through our stellar team made of highly skilled project managers, graphic artists, marketing experts, and signage specialists. They can satisfy your educational institution’s signage needs, whatever they may be.

Free School Sign Consultation

King Signs, Graphics, & Imaging Logo Full ColorKing Signs, Graphics & Imaging knows how important it is for educational institutions to run properly to maintain its significant contribution to society, and we want to be a part of that the best way we know how to. We won’t just bring high-quality signs to your school; we want to make sure that they are strategically and optimally designed, crafted, and installed on your campus so they can perform their functions perfectly.

Like your passion for education, King Signs, Graphics & Imaging’s passion for producing the best signs for all types of establishments and institutions in Minneapolis is relentless and effective. So if you are interested in our services or if you have more questions about our processes and products, we are glad to help you out over a free consultation with one of our signage experts. We are excited to work with you!

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